Healthy pack

The space where we sleep


Do we rest really well?

Sleeping is not synonymous with resting.

There are many factors that can distort this good rest that we need to get up with renewed spirits and strength. There are natural, mental, psychological, energetic and physical.

The solar and lunar cycles due to variations in photon intensity affect very directly some glands such as the pineal gland, with the consequent variation in the segregation of hormones such as melatonin and more indirectly serotonin. At the same time it also affects our entire nervous system and cellular metabolism. Thus our glands also interpret it in the same way when they are affected by electromagnetic, electric and electrostatic fields derived from electricity or telephony.

However the subsoil flows of ionizing or magnetic radiation are altered by waterways, and by rock types and fractures.


Health Pack


Yes you want to make a really useful gift from the heart and with love

We offer you a pack based on a harmonization and redesign of the bedroom, either for you or to give as a gift to a loved one, for a small cost of two hundred euros.

Maybe a birthday present, a wedding gift, ……..

It consists of measuring all the negative influences and looking for a quick and effective solution, such as looking for the most subtle elements that can provide the space with more tranquility and harmony for rest.


Geobiological advice and study


It encompasses the measurement with devices of all electromagnetic fields and geomagnetic alterations and give a solution to those that are in excessive levels.

at the same time it is determined whether there are materials that can give problems of chemical or allergenic sensitivity